Shopkite Agent Handbook

The Shopkite Agent Handbook is the ultimate guide that explains everything you need to know about being a Shopkite Agent. It describes the Shopkite Merchant app, how you earn as an agent, ways to sell and other benefits.

What is Shopkite?
  • Shopkite is an app that helps Supermarket and Pharmacy owners manage their sales and inventory at ease. Shopkite makes it very easy to run your retail business and even takes your store online.
  • Merchants can manage their day-to-day sales, print out receipts for customers and see how much their business is making with just a mobile device. ShopKite Merchant allows you to view how much sales you have made daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or any duration of time with just a tap!
  • For an easy start , Shopkite Merchant comes pre-loaded with thousands of products. All you need to do is add them to your store. The app makes it easy for you to add products using the barcode scanner or the search option for products without barcodes.
  • With ShopKite Merchant, you can create and keep a list of all your Suppliers and Supply records, Customers and their birthdays, Sales Agent(s) and Manager(s), Warehouse(s) and Store(s).
  • The app allows you to see a history of every activity in your store with reference to time and personnel. It gives you a notification for sales made, expiring products and products that are running out of stock.
  • ShopKite Merchant is available on both Play Store for android phones and App Store for iOS( iPhone & iPad).

What is the Shopkite Agent Program?
  • With over 1.3 million stores and counting in Nigeria, every one of these stores has the opportunity to better manage their sales and inventory with the use of the Shopkite Merchant app.
  • The Shopkite Agent Program is the platform that will help make this possible. Joining the Shopkite Agent program gives you the opportunity to earn money while you recommend the Shopkite Merchant app to Supermarkets and Pharmacies nationwide.

How do I become a Shopkite Agent?
  • Register as an agent on the Shopkite agent registration page
  • Wait for confirmation.
  • You will then receive the training materials that would help you know everything you need to know.
  • Finally, start talking to your supermarkets and pharmacies, get them on Shopkite Merchant and watch your earnings grow. The more stores you subscribe, the more money you earn.

How do I earn from being a Shopkite Agent?
  • You can earn ₦6,000 (Six thousand Naira only) if every merchant that has signed up using your referral code, pays for an initial subscription on the Shopkite Merchant app and purchases a hardware device. ₦3,000(Three thousand Naira only) for the initial subscription and ₦3,000 (Three thousand Naira only) for hardware devices sold.
    A sale without the hardware device will be N3,000(Three thousand Naira only)
    You are also able to earn more than N6,000 depending on the number of subscriptions and/or devices paid for by the merchant.
  • A bonus of ₦10,000 (Ten thousand Naira only) will be paid to agents who register up to 10 (Ten) merchants in a month.
  • You will be eligible to earn ₦1,000 (One thousand Naira only) for every merchant registered with your referral code that renews their subscription on the Shopkite Merchant app, subject to the agent maintaining "Active Agent Status".
  • As an agent, you earn ₦8,000 for 100 units of stock taking (typically within a few hours). This involves helping new and existing merchants add or update their products to the Shopkite Merchant app.
  • As an agent, you earn ₦7,500 for staff training (typically within three hours). This involves teaching new and existing merchants and members of their staff how the Shopkite Merchant app works.

Subscribing & onboarding a new merchant
This is a simple procedure to guide Shopkite Agents when subscribing and onboarding new merchants into Shopkite - from the set up stage to the finish up stage.
  1. Find a lead
    • Search for potential Supermarkets and Pharmacies around your neighbourhood.
    • Reach out to them as potential customers and convert them to subscribed merchants, ensure they use your referral code when registering.
    • Once a customer has subscribed (paid), you automatically get your commission into your Shopkite Agent wallet.
  2. Set up a merchant
    • Merchant has paid, now confirm if they need help with inventory (stock) taking.
    • If not, direct them to the FAQs section on the app. (go to shopkite merchant app, click on Menu, support, chat with us)
    • If yes, inform the customer, Inventory taking comes at a price which is determined by the number of unique products in the store. Agents must inform the customer to arrange their products orderly by category for easy stock taking.
    • The stock taking process starts with the Survey process, which involves a supervisor visiting the merchants store for the first time to take count of the unique products. The survey is also paid for by the merchant.
    • Then after the successful survey count, if they have a product list (physical or digital) collect a copy and send to Shopkite merchant support team.
    • Send the customer the Stocktaking Price List (PDF) and confirm the stated price based on the number of unique products counted in the store.
    • Once payment is made and it is confirmed, you can now begin to take stock.
    • After successfully adding all products, do a rundown to ensure all products were added properly and correctly.
  3. Follow up
    • Make at least 4 follow-up phone calls within the space of a month to ensure things are running smoothly and as should be.
    • If there are any complaints within the one month after setting up, kindly make a visit to the store for physical assistance. If it is after a month, try to handle the problem over the phone or refer them to the Shopkite Support line.
  4. Finish up
    • If there are no complaints within the one month after setting up, the stock taking can then be regarded as completed and closed.
NOTE: This procedure just serves as a guide to ensure the Shopkite Agent takes all the necessary steps in dealing with the Shopkite Merchant. As a Shopkite Agent you can improvise.

There are 2 ways to subscribe a new merchant:
  1. When the 14 days free trial elapses, the Shopkite Merchant app displays a pop up with a subscription button. The merchant can subscribe by paying online. This is an automatic process with no human interference.
  2. The merchant should fill in the phone number and email that was used to sign up in the appropriate field when making this payment so the subscription can be automated. Otherwise, they need to notify Shopkite about the payment.
  3. After the payment is made, the merchant should open the ShopKite Merchant app, go to Menu - Support - Chat with us to notify ShopKite about the payment and send the proof of payment as well.

Appearance As a Shopkite Agent you are an ambassador that represents the brand everywhere you go. At all times Shopkite Agents should ensure they dress smartly when going to recommend Shopkite Merchant to Supermarkets and Pharmacies.

Shopkite Agent Portal As soon as you register for the Shopkite Agent program and you are approved, you get access to your personal Shopkite Agent Dashboard. You can manage all your stores/merchants, agents, earnings/payouts, e.t.c.

Payout Payout is when your commission is transferred from your Shopkite Agent purse into your registered personal bank account. Payouts are carried out weekly.