Talk to stores around you about Shopkite, earn money.

Find neighbourhood supermarkets or pharmacies around you, tell them about ShopKite Merchant and start earning money.

Let's start with Shopkite Merchant

Simply put, Shopkite Merchant shrinks the big point of sale systems used in supermarkets into an app on your phone.

No need for big and bulky point of sale systems, you just install Shopkite Merchant on your tablet or mobile phone, period!

Tell someone about it

Every supermarket owner you talk to about Shopkite Merchant is very likely to sign up on it because, it is just too good to be true.

Shopkite Merchant is for every kind of supermarket - big, medium or small, everyone can use it.

Are you ready?

Speak with confidence

Don't be worried, what you are speaking about "carries weight". Understand how Shopkite Merchant works and show it to anyone you are speaking with.

Are you fired up?

Don't sell, recommend!

You are helping supermarkets by telling them about Shopkite Merchant. You are not trying to convince them, you are bringing them to the light.

Want to start right now?

Focus on supermarkets

Shopkite Merchant was specifically crafted for supermarkets that sell FMCG products.

When you talk to 10 potential merchants, 9 of them should be supermarket owners.

Ready to start talking?

Ask questions

Start the conversation but listen to them to understand their needs, pain points and interests.

It will help you know how to present Shopkite Merchant to them